SCHOOL “Achinech”

Our school is called “Achinech”. This is the  ancient name of the island of Tenerife – one of 7 islands of the archipelago. Our school is situated in the heart of the Archipelago capital– the city of Santa Cruz.Martial arts do not only represent a certain knowledge of how to execute strikes in a physical fight. It is important to be engaged in martial arts as it helps to work with human fears, our uncertainty. We have students  who had to pass through terrible things, but the martial arts occupation allowed them to overcome fears and to become self-assured, to improve their own health.

For example, one of our students had a spine injury – and he could possibly become a disabled person, but thanks to Achinech School – he did not turn into disable person. Our students possess flexible mentality, stability and balance. Martial arts are not a matter of a game, they allow people to improve themselves and to becomes better.

When we speak about working with a knife, we should stress out, it improves sense of coordination, mastership and skills. Reactions of the person become sharper and quicker, the person becomes balanced, he is getting improved physically and spiritually.

There are, of course, those who consider that such occupations are “not fashionable” anymore, as the times have passed away when it has been  necessary to know martial arts, but such people just do not see the whole picture, as they are sharing only one point. As for me – personally I see fundamental knowledge in martial art.
Our school is distinguished by fact, every one who comes to us – will be able to find something useful to himself and to help the others. Each new student is awarded with duties – as he becomes a family member. He just may not come here few times in a week, pretending to be engaged and forgetting about this place as soon as he crosses a threshold. A Student becomes a part of the family, and here the durability of school is covered. The Achinech school is located on the unshakable base. We are engaged with  different types of weapon, and thanks to it the person will be able to protect himself at any moment.

Our purpose is not to earn money, but to carry on the tradition.

There are people wishing to work; they remain at school and do not leave through any time. We have few students only  – but to all of them – we share great trust. We are held by one idea – the idea of continuation of tradition. And that pushes to create the strongest base.

We try to help any person, who has come to Achinech school, in gaining knowledge in all areas so that he may use this knowledge in all spheres of life. There is Power in everyone here. If I am not aware of something, the other person shares with me.

Many people spend a lot of time on search unnecessary and useless information today. And those who do not know their own history and traditions, who are not aware of how their grandfathers have lived, those  will not be capable to make the correct choice. Many things came to us, having changed a form. And knowing history, it is possible to choose what is really necessary and bears good. People forgot that our grandfathers had tried for us so that we could have the better life.

It is one of the fundamental principles where everyone imparts knowledge to another. Many schools in our past functioned right in such a way.  If one was engaged with a knife, and another – just preferred a stick, then they imparted this knowledge to each other. And they obviously have found balance from the point of view of knowledge, and we try to do the same.

Maestro Palmero Ramos

Posted on: May 12, 2018DESTREZA

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