This legend shows the one’s path from ignorance to become a Maestro. As the arrow of a compass it shows whether you are at the right path.

It is written in one ancient book that the school is hidden from the people’s eyes. And  it is not possible to understand it because we see only one triangle.

And the Templar said to his friend, young  knight, that it took some time for this technique to be formed. And the most important thing in a technique is a training principle. It is very difficult to understand for an ordinary person that there is a straight triangle and an inverted one. And both of them together form the David Star. And one who cannot understand these two triangles will never be able to comprehend the military system.

It is written in the book:

There is a mountain in Tenerife, and this mountain is the highest that you can find in Spain. A Templar says, standing at that mountain: “There are winter and summer, my friend. There are mountains stand in places where you can inhale the cold air, pure as crystal. And there are mountains in hot places like this. And the mountain itself is a triangle, do you see it, right?

And the young knight answers him: “When I look at the mountain, I want to go upstairs. I do not know why, but I want to be on top of it. She seems to be calling me, my friend! ”

The school has two states – direct and inverted. And the point is that the school itself is a mountain, and an inverted triangle is a Maestro.

“Why is it so?”

“If there was not a mountain then there would not be a Maestro. That why our school is different from  others. And this is the reasonall  warriors of the world go up to the mountain. But a Templar can not climb the mountain. Because the Templar is the one who descended from heaven, he descended from God to the top of the mountain. The path of the Disciple starts at the top of the mountain. This is the essence of the school’s methodology, its tactics and strategy.

The young knight looked into the Templar eyes, as clean as a spring, and strong as a sea storm, and he followed his gaze to the top of the mountain, at the foot of which they stood.

And Templar says: “I’ll show you.”

They silently climbed to the highest peak of that mountain. And the view from there was amazing. The young man looked at everything that was before him, but suddenly he heard Templar’s voice: “This is the student’s first mistake – to look around from the mountain. After all, you do not see what you have under your feet.”

The Disciple turned and saw the drops of a small spring fall and turn into a stream.

“Thus begins a breath of knowledge. And the mountain has the shape of a cone. And you think that to find something, you have to go up and down. But we only go around in circle. Because the cone does not involve walking up and down.” And the Templar brother took him in a circle.

And he saw how this spring turns into a mountain river. And the river was aggressive, it quickly went down the mountainside and was lost behind the turn.

And he says: “This is the second level. Here the trickle of knowledge is transformed into a small, but very aggressive river.”

They walked along the cone further, circling the new turn, and in an instant the pupil’s eyes became large. Before them appeared a huge waterfall, it rustled so much that everything around was shaken by the sounds of it. And he says:

“This is how our school was built. When the stream turns into a river, and the river turns into a waterfall. And there is no beginning, and there is no end here, as there is not a circle around them. A waterfall can sweep away anything in its way. For him there are no obstacles. And there is no way to deal with the mountain river – after all, it is invisible – it appears, then disappears. And without a stream, a person will die of thirst. This is how the technique of the Maestro is formed. At the first level person stays- it’s a stream. And here we have a boarding sword.”

And the student asks: “Why is the short sword on the first level, because it is difficult to be able to work with it”.

Templar: “If you manage with the difficult at the first stage, then on the second, there will be nothing complicated before you. The boarding sword at the first level develops logic of a duel. At the first level, the most important thing is knowledge. And boarding sword gives it. Here, my brother, you need to take care of two things – your own defense and the attack. And here we learn to work with a stick – which is both a shield and a grappling sword – and it’s called Toledo. But it may happen that the enemy’s weapons will be longer than yours. And in order to resist him, you must understand the properties of this weapon. Therefore, we begin to study Garutta in order to learn all the features of the work with a long weapon. And there is no advantage in a long weapon, you understand and see it, because the longer a weapon the less it is agile. A solid weapon of sufficient length wins in speed and you will always win a man with a weapon that longer than yours.”

And there was no doubt in his words for the young knight, his eyes caught fire, and he was impatient to begin the journey, but he could not do it, because he still did not know the way. The Templar watched him and added a little more quietly: “There will be an obstacle in your path, my friend. While you are studying a boarding sword, someone can interrupt your path. And you must protect yourself from your enemies before you become a maestro, and the movements of your weapons should not be different from the movement of the stick. And there is such a weapon – this is the Canarian knife. And when you learn this, you will have the first problem. The fact is that you are not the only one who knows the first level of technology. And I know it. And it is impossible to defeat me with this technique. And this applies to each level. And even reaching the waterfall, if I have the same waterfall as yours – we will both collide and both will perish. Therefore, you need to go down from the mountain and go to sea.”

And he pointed the Templar with his hand to the sea, in the waves of which the rising sun was reflected. And he added:

“In the sea you can meet 2 things – an island or a continent.  You need  a mainland  the opposite from where you live, where it’s cold. And there is a mountain there, and there is a lot of snow on the top. And it’s enough for you to scream – how the mountain avalanche will go down, sweeping away everything in its path. And this will be knowledge, which can become a surprise for those who know our doctrine. On the way back you will meet an island, and a dense forest. And if you pass through this forest, you will get hurt badly, because there are terrible thorns and trees. But coming out of the forest – you will become invulnerable. And even those who know this technique will not be able to defeat you, since they were not in the northern country and in the forest. And then you should go home.” 

The young knight sat motionless, it seemed, all around froze, and was never as quiet as at this hour. A young knight learned of the first level of knowledge, and anxieties left his heart. After all, he knew now how to start his own way and when to return.

Meanwhile the Templar continued:

“And the second level on the way to the maestro is a fast and disappearing river. The banks of this river are of rare material, look! You see the splinters that broke the river? It’s a stone knife. And the invisible speed of this knife gives rise to the need to defend. If someone can just as easily act as a knife, as this river runs, then it will be impossible to resist that person and therefore one must take care to cope with such a weapon. Again you will have to return to that island. Sit down in front of the entrance to the forest and remember what happened to you. And you will understand that all your problems were in two things: you broke all your legs while you were walking, and you broke and swallowed the entire body. And if you break a branch in that forest and dig out the root from the ground that your legs broke, then you will have Varra and Massa. And you need to remember always about the big northern country and about that island where you had to visit. After all, if you do not remember the big northern country, and the island, and if you do not have Varra and Massa, you don’t have a knowledge of passing through the forest and the big northern country – you can not resist the knife that breaks the stone. And if you remember all this and can do it, then we can move on.”

The young knight and the Templar marched farther along the river, and they saw that the river  appears, then disappears on their way. And in order to understand the second level of technology, it was necessary to study this river. And the speed of the river is equal to the speed of the sword in Destreza. And the Templar says:

“If you do not learn the sword, then you can not get from God the two most important weapons.

The waterfall is like the two most terrible beasts on earth: there is nothing more terrible than an angry bull and an angry bear. And you need to start with a bull, and this requires a sword. And in this case, the waterfall symbolizes in the horizontal the power of the bull that rushes toward you, and its horn is a powerful weapon that pierces everything in its way. And if you know the sword and got used to walking around the hill at the top of the mountain, then you just take a step to the side, and you strike with  a sword and the bull will die instantly. Take one horn of the bull and return to the mountain.”

The young knight realized that after that he had to fight with the bear, and it is not difficult to do this when there is a stone knife.

And the Templar says: “Kill the bear, take the claw from him and come back here. If you co-unite these two weapons, you will get a Navaja. And this is a symbol of the third level, the waterfall. Then you have a gun in each hand. And now you yourself like a waterfall, no one can stop you. And these pairs of weapons you can have not one, and not two. If we connect all kinds of weapons in two kinds, then we will have a sword and a dagger.”

They approached the waterfall itself, and the sound of the water was so strong that the words of the Templar seemed to ring all over the island, he said so loudly. But the Templar himself did not seem to raise his voice. The waterfall seemed to echo his words, and the Templar concluded:

“And this will be the end of your training. So you will become a master, because no one can resist you: neither those who know your system, nor those who know the others. Your weapon will always be a surprise to the enemy, he can not prepare in advance to stand up to you. Because the combination of your weapons will always put the enemy in an uncomfortable position. I can choose a weapon, but the enemy does not. Because the enemy was always dealing with one type of weapon. And even if he knows two types of weapons, it can happen that he will only have bare hands. And his technique can not be turned into a technique of bare hands and feet. And accordingly, he will perish. But if you went all this way, then your very body turned into a weapon. And you can turn anything into a weapon. That’s how the maestro looks. The technique of the school has no beginning, no end, because it is a circle. And this system it develops in the person a standard of honor. The first level develops a flexible mind. The second is a pure heart like water in a mountain river. The third level is a firm hand. This is how a knight Templar should look like!”

Everything around him froze, and the words of the Templar rose to the sky. And the disciple saw his way. And on the sight of him understood Templar, that the disciple made his first step, he made a choice, and added the Templar:

“If you remember this, my brother, you will not get off the knight’s path.”

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