SCHOOL “Achinech”

Our school is called “Achinech”. This is the  ancient name of the island of Tenerife – one of 7 islands of the archipelago. Our school is situated in the heart of the Archipelago capital– the city of Santa Cruz.Martial arts do not only represent a certain knowledge of how to execute strikes in a physical fight. It is important to be engaged in martial arts as it helps to work with human fears, our uncertainty. We have students  who had to pass through terrible things, but the martial arts occupation allowed them to overcome fears and to become self-assured, to improve their own health. Continue reading


This legend shows the one’s path from ignorance to become a Maestro. As the arrow of a compass it shows whether you are at the right path.

It is written in one ancient book that the school is hidden from the people’s eyes. And  it is not possible to understand it because we see only one triangle. Continue reading