Anatael Palmero Ramos, was born on January 20, 1973 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands. Currently he lives in Santa Cruz de Teneriva. He is a director of martial arts school “Achinech”, which is a multiple champion in all kinds of competitions dedicated to the sport combat with Toledo. Palmero Ramos is a Master of martial arts, namely the toledo fight, an instructor of Canary Wrestling (sport line), an instructor of sambo, an instructor in a personal safety of policemen.

PALMERO: “My worries about conserving the legacy of the old warriors and their skills of handling weapons is a challenge. I try every day to increase the knowledge that is saved. It is important for us to continue martial arts with weapons, in my case, with sticks and batons. My job is to train and spread this knowledge and I continue this practice to carry on its legacy.”

At the age of 13, a master completed his basic education in college. After that, he entered the institute as an engineer-caster, where he studied for 5 years. At the age of 19, he joined the army for 6 years, where he was a military policeman. In the army, he took courses in a military escort, an instructor in shooting short-range and long-range weapons. He passed state examinations after army service and began working in the agency of private security services, including personal protection, escort of individuals and explosives for the Ministry of the Interior of Spain. He is a forensic expert.

PALMERO: “I started practicing the Canary Wrestling at the school of Maestro Perico Perdomo in my city. But besides that, I’ve been practicing with a stick since my childhood in my family with my cousins, sisters and friends. It was quite an ordinary thing for us, it’s like a certain custom in the family. Today I see that it gave me advantages, but at the time when I was a child, it was just games and training. When I grew up, I started to practice sambo and boxing in my hometown with teachers Rueda (sambo) and Marichal I (box) first (European Champion in the 60s) and Marichal II in the wellness hall. In this school Maestro Horhe Dominguez was the main person who thought us. Also, by virtue of my profession, I graduated from the instructor’s courses in shooting and personal protection of police officers and in hand-to-hand combat.”

In 2008, Master Palmero Ramos founded the Martial Arts School “Achinech”. The school takes part in various events and events in the Canary Islands, Madrid, Ponte Vedra, Badajoz, Barcelona, ​​Paris, Odessa, Caracas for training other schools, information exchange, etc.

PALMERO: “I had several teachers in various disciplines, which I practiced for many years. I would like to draw attention to two of my teachers: in the Canary Wrestling this is Perico Perdomo and the second one is the teacher of working with toledo and garrote – Maestro Jorge Dominguez Naranjo. 

I was lucky enough in my life, I had a great Teacher, my grandfather, Don Victoriano. He fought in two wars, in the Civil War in Spain and World War II. He taught me respect and humility in life, he taught me to always fight, not to retreat in the face of the problems that life entrusts to us. And one more person who showed me how a man of honor looks like is my father, an infantryman of the navy, who took part in the war of Spain against Morocco in the 50s of the last century.”

In 2011, Palmero visited Paris to take a part in a meeting dedicated to martial arts, namely the Canary Wrestling and the Combat against the Flies.

In 2013, he visited Barcelona, in 2008-2015 visited Madrid for several times. He conducted master classes from the school “Achinech”.

Master participated in the Sports competitions of police and firefighters in 2008 and 2012 – where he won first place in individual and group competitions.

In 2017, he visited Ukraine, Odessa, at the invitation of the scientist, the head and founder of the SRI “Memory Institute” and the Expeditionary Corpus, the founder of the SRI of “World martial art traditions & criminalistic research of weapon use”, to share knowledge between the school and the institute, to work together within the framework of the research to establish the basis for the creation of schools of martial arts around the world. He took part in the filming of the film and writing a book about Spanish military tradition.

PALMERO: “My main principle is work, respect and humility. Without effort, you will not achieve anything.  I try to convey to my students that they have great will and determination in what they do, set goals. And these martial arts helps them to reach this goals and motive them”

Posted on: May 12, 2018DESTREZA