This Attestation confirms that Palmero Ramos  has completed a special training course within the framework of the “Scientific Research Institute of the World Martial Arts”, and took part in scientific research, made a significant contribution to scientific research on the use of cold steel in criminal traditions, in scientific research on the use of cold steel in the European knight tradition and the criminal traditions of Spain, Italy, South Africa, Mexico and the United States.

He took part in researching the influence of the systems of the criminal world tradition on the daily life of a person, explored the system of integrating the skills of martial arts into the everyday life of a person, performed scientific and practical tasks within the Institute together with the Institute’s scientists, successfully passed all professional tests and attestations.

Passed an attestation on the knowledge of objects of intellectual property rights of the Institute in sections: forensic studies of the use of cold tools in the Russian criminal tradition; forensic studies on the use of cold steel in the South African criminal tradition, as well as research on the cause and effect relationship between martial arts and religious beliefs in Europe, Russia and Africa. As a result, the Scientific Council of the Institute was awarded the right to be called “Master” (“el Maestro”), which is confirmed by this Attestation. It is entitled to transfer intellectual assets to third parties on behalf of the Institute in the framework of the attestation received.

Posted on: May 13, 2018DESTREZA

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